Psalm 75 The Advent of Judgment, (Advent Week 2)

Psalm 75 The Advent of Judgment, (Advent Week 2)


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Sermon outline


          1. What advent is not
          2. What advent is
          3. Judgment is throughout the Bible (Gen 4:7, 6:1-8:24, Ex 6:6, 1Kin 3:28, Ps 1:5, Mt 25, 2Cor 5:10, 2Pt 3:1-13, Rev 20:11-15)

Psalm 75’s superscription

          1. To the Choirmaster
          2. A prayer for preservation.
          3. Of Asaph (Ps 50, 73-83)

Thanking God for His Ministry of Judgment (Ps 75:1)

          1. Notice how the corporate body of the faithful worshippers of God thank God.
          2. Notice how they are thanking God in Judgment

Assurance that God’s Timing for Judgment is best (Ps 75:2-5)

          1. It is easy to think, God needs to judge faster, sooner, even immediately
          2. But God assures us that he has a set time. (Gen 15:16, 2Pt 3:9)
          3. And until that time, God is sustaining nad holding thing together (Ps 75:3)
          4. What does it mean that God will judge with equity?
          5. All the boastful sinners will be humbled (Ps 75:7)

The Great Advent Reflection upon Judgment

          1. God is the Great Judge. Remember this, let it shape your life. (2Sam 22:28, Ps 75:10)
          2. And this great judge will preside over a great Judgment (Ps 75:8)
          3. The foaming Cup of Wine (Rev 16:19, Isa 51:17-22, Jer 25:28, Ps 75:10)
          4. Judgment is not just a future reality
            1. Judgment as a present reality leading to repentance (1Pt 1:13-17)
            2. Judgment as a past reality leading to forgiveness (Jn 12:31, Col 2:15, 1Cor 10:16, Jn 3:16)


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