Gen 47:13-21 Cultures of Death and the Hope of Life (Advent Week 1)

Gen 47:13-21 Cultures of Death and the Hope of Life (Advent Week 1)


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Sermon outline

Death is everywhere in our world

The Famine in Joseph’s Day (Gen 47:13-21)

    1. Background of Joseph’s life (Gen 37-41)
    2. Present Situation
      1. Very severe famine (Gen 47:13-14)
      2. Famine costs them their future food security (Gen 47:15-17)
      3. Famine costs them their life and freedom (Gen 47:18-21)
    3. Where is the compassion, generosity and love?
      1. Sin breeds cultures of Death.
      2. Cultures of Death
        1. Seek to oppress people in their desperation
        2. Cause people to sell anything and everything they have in the hope of finding life.
        3. Lead people into servitude towards those with power.
      3. This is what sin does to people (Rom 5:12, 6:23)
    4. How often do we sell ourselves to things/people/ideas that we think can save us, but which only lead us into more suffering?

“An entire culture of death can only be defeated by a richer and more compelling culture of love.”[1]

    1. Hope of Life and Love @ 1st coming (2Cor 5:21, Jn 1:11, 11:25-26, 1:5)
    2. Hope of Life and Love @ 2nd coming
      1. The unbeliever seeks to build it on human effort
      2. The believer watches and waits for God to build it!



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