The Theology of Wonder Woman 1984 (Ps 97 & 115:4-8)

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Sermon Outline

  1. Wonder Woman 1984
    1. The film, while fair from a cinematic perspective, contains some wonderful theology.
    2. The main villain is a Man by the name of Max.
    3. Max Lord is a wonderful picture of a false God. (Ps 97:7)
  2. The Picture of a False God – Max Lord.
    1. False God’s promise the world, but deliver less. (Jer 14:22, Ps 46:1, Ex 7-11, Prov 31:30, 2Sam 14:14, Luke 16:9, Isa 55:10-11, 2Cor 1:20)
    2. False God’s demand something from us without our knowing. (1Ki 18:28)
      1. Success demands
      2. Power demands
      3. Approval demands
      4. Money/wealth demand
      5. Beauty demands
    3. False God’s use us for their benefit and our demise.
    4. False God’s make us into their image. (Ps 115:4-8, 135:15-18, Rom 1:25, 29, Gal 3:27, 2Cor 3:18)
  3. The Biblical God (Ps 97)
    1. Sovereign (v1, 3-6, 9, 11-12)
    2. Providential (Mt 6:28-30, Lk 22:19, Jn16:7, Rom 12, 1Cor 12)
    3. Wisdom in answering prayer
    4. Worship centered on God leads to:
  4. The mortification of our flesh
    1. Idolatry is defeated when one turns from sin and self to God.
      1. Repentance is the initial part of that doctrine
      2. Mortification is the continuing process of denying oneself and seeking righteousness
    2. Christopher Love’s definition of mortification: “…a holy disposition in a regenerate man derived from the efficacy and virtue of Christ’s death, whereby the strength of sin is weakened and the dominion of it destroyed, being utterly disabled from having a commanding power or rule over the man anymore.”
    3. Ralph Erskine’s 2 types of mortification – Human and divine.
    4. Col 3:5-17, Rom 8:3-4 are great passages on the mortification of sin
  5. Conclusion


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