03 Who is God? Isaiah 6:1-7

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Sermon outline

  1. We all want to define God…
    1. The human propensity to create gods
    2. Christians can be just as guilty of this as the non-Christians
      1. The most common versions of God among Christians these days are:
        1. God is loving
        2. God is my friend
        3. God is forgiving
      2. But these are all very thin descriptions of God
  2. So who is God really?
    1. Setting
    2. He is King (Isa 6:1, 5)
    3. He is Exalted (Isa 6:1)
    4. He is transcendent (Isa 6:1-2, Num 21:8)
    5. He is Holy (Isa 6:3)
      1. They are praising God but also declaring these praises about God to one another
      2. Holy, Holy, Holy (Lev 10:10)
        1. Repetition denotes importance.
        2. The Superlative effect
        3. An OT hint towards the Trinity, with each person of the Godhead being addressed as holy –
          1. God the Father is holy (Jn 17:11),
          2. Son is holy (Mk 1:24, Lk 4:34) and
          3. Spirit is holy (Mt 1:18, Act 1:16)
        4. He is a Warrior (Isa 6:3, 5)
          1. Isaiah’s response
          2. Why does Isaiah respond like this? (Mt 12:34, Ex 33:20)
        5. He is a redeemer (Isa 6:6-7)
          1. What is one to do when they come to realize their sin in the presence of God almighty?
            1. Confess sin
            2. Await Mercy and Grace
  3. Jesus’ coming… (Rev 17:14, 19:16, Heb 7:16)


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