04 Deuteronomy 4:45-5:29 The Decalogue

04 Deuteronomy 4:45-5:29 The Decalogue

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Sermon outline


            1. Narrative is instructive for
              1. reminding us of God’s goodness so far to fulfill his promises to bring the people into freedom
              2. and for the variety of words it uses to describe the law of God
            2. Decalogue is helpful for gaining an overarching summary of the contents of the rest of the book.

God’s faithfulness (Dt 4:46-49)

            1. I’ve already brought you victory, so respond in love to me
            2. Every generation can enter the covenant anew (Dt 5:2-3)

4 Words for understanding God’s Law (Dt 4:44-45)

            1. Law = Torah
            2. Testimonies = edot (Ex 25:16)
            3. Statute = choq (Job 28:26, Jer 5:22, 31:35-36)
              1. The Jews refer to these as the laws of nature
            4. Rules = mishpat
            5. History of the nation
            6. Implications
              1. Natural law is as much God’s desire for people to live within as any overt and explicitly revealed law.
              2. Justice – flourishing, peaceful society
              3. The commandments and the festivities that testify To God’s mighty works still matter
              4. God’s people are to practice these ways of living (Dt 5:1)

The Decalogue: A Summary

            1. Their supernatural history (Dt 5:6)
            2. First loving response: Don’t relegate me to 2nd place (Dt 5:7)
            3. Second loving response: Don’t fashion of confine me (Dt 5:8-10)
            4. Third loving response: Rightly use my name (Dt 5:11)
            5. Fourth loving response: Rest in me (Dt 5;12-15)
            6. Fifth loving response: Honor your parents (Dt 5:16)
            7. Sixth through 10th loving responses: Treat covenant community members well (Dt 5:17-21)

The Key to living out such love: Better mediator, awe, and obedience (Dt 5:22-29, Heb 8:6, 9:15)

            1. Because we have a mediator we can
              1. reflecting on the character qualities of God (Ex 34:6-7)
              2. Reflect on the actions of God (Dt.1-5 contains 87 refs to the LORD. God speaks (Dt. 1:3), directs (Dt 1:6), promises (Dt 1;8), , multiplies (Dt 1:10), commands (Dt 1:19), gives (Dt 1;25), Leads (Dt 1:30), be angered (Dt 1;37), blesses (Dt 2:7), destroys (Dt 2;15), forbids (Dt 4:23).
              3. Examine one’s own life and motivations.
              4. Consider creation (Ps 8:3-4, Ex 20:18-20)
              5. Respect the Word of God (Dt 17:15-19)


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