09 Dt 18 Revisiting the Great Commandment to Love God Alone

09 Dt 18 Revisiting the Great Commandment to Love God Alone

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Sermon outline


Chapter 18 is a midpoint in the midrash on the commandments

        1. This functions as both a closing of the first of the Law
        2. But also as a reiteration that from chapters 19-26, which primarily deal with the 2nd table of the law, these laws are also rooted in the great commandment to love God and worship him alone.

Care for the Levites

        1. The priests and Levites were the tribe God set apart to minister in his tabernacle/temple
          1. This was an honored position to serve in the presence of God. (Dt 18:5)
          2. But the Levitical position came with certain costs from a worldly perspective (Dt 18:1)
          3. So how were they to survive? (Dt 18:1, 3-4)
        2. So what does this have to do with worshipping God and the first commandments?
        3. 2 Applications:
          1. Broad – We are all called to be priests, to be in a sense dependent upon the Lord for our sustenance (1Pet 2:4-5, 9, Lk 12:15)
          2. Narrow –These same injunctions serve God’s people well, even today – namely, to have a set of men who are dedicated to the service of the Lord and are not needful of divided loyalties

Be Blameless (Dt 18:9-14)

        1. Our second reminder about worshipping God alone begins in v. 9.
        2. Once a person has experienced the freedom of God’s redemption, then they are to cut themselves off from the ways of the world around them.
        3. Do not copy the worship rituals of the pagans. (Dt 18:10-11, Ps 127:3)
        4. Blamelessness is the core value in eschewing these things (Dt 18:13-14)

Prophet like Moses (Dt 18:15-22)

        1. But God is not leaving his people without a guide or a help.
        2. God promises 3 things of this prophet:
          1. First he will be like Moses –
            1. Moses was a prophet.
            2. Moses talked with God face to face, (Ex 33:11)
            3. Moses was a friend of God (Ex 33:11)
            4. Moses was humble (Num 12:3)
          2. Second, he will be like the Israelites, he will be one of them, not different, not foreign.
          3. Third, People must listen and obey.
        3. Jesus is this Prophet! (Jn 14:10, Phil 2:8, Heb 4:15, Ps 2


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