10 Dt 19-24 The Sixth Commandment: What does it mean to be people who preserve life?

10 Dt 19-24 The Sixth Commandment: What does it mean to be people who preserve life?

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Sermon outline


What does it actually look like to live out the Sixth Commandment (Dt 5:17)

            1. Cities of Refuge, Accidental & Premeditated murders (Dt 19:1-13)
            2. What is the relationship between Murder and Warfare?
              1. Initial Considerations
                1. God is with us (Dt 20:3-4)
                2. God wanted 4 types of people excused from military service
                  1. Men who recently built a new house and have not dedicated it to God (20:5)
                  2. Men who recently planted a vineyard and haven’t enjoyed its fruit (20:6)
                  3. Men who are engaged but haven’t married yet (20:7)
                  4. Men who are fearful and fainthearted (20:8)
                  5. The first three categories seem to have to do with enjoying the gifts of God in life.
                  6. The last one is different. (Dt 20:8)
                3. But notice how the battle plans are to proceed:
                  1. First they are to offer terms of peace, and only if these terms are rejected is a battle to ensue. (Dt 20:10-12)
                  2. Second, they are not to destroy the fruit trees. (Dt 20:20)
                4. All of this is related to life, its enjoyment and its preservation.
            3. Unsolved murders and the sanctity of life. (Dt 21:1-9)
            4. The continuance of food supplies and those who bring forth life (Dt 22:6-7)
            5. Construction Case Law, Safety Precautions, and the 6th commandment (Dt 22:8)
            6. Skin Diseases (Dt 24:8-9)
              1. A refusal to listen to the priest would be tantamount to intentionally murdering another person.
              2. The lesson for us today has to do with any disease that is contagious and guarantees death if spread.
            7. The 6th commandment is about so much more than simply not killing people, it is about preserving life in all the various ways that life can be compromised (HC 107)

Jesus and the 6th Commandment (Mt 5:21-26)

            1. We are all guilty of breaking the sixth commandment.
            2. Thankfully, Jesus restores life to those who are dead in their sins and trespasses.


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