11 Deut 21-25 Laws about Sexuality

11 Deut 21-25 Laws about Sexuality

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Sermon outline

Sexuality is a big part of our human experience.

Marriage Laws

          1. Marrying women captured in battle (Dt 21:10-14)
            1. Humiliated means oppressed, humiliated, and afflicted. (Dt 22:24, 2Sam 13:14)
            2. You may not sexually abuse/use anyone.
          2. Accusations of sexual misconduct after consummating the marriage. (Dt 22:13-30)
            1. Notice the selfishness (Dt 22:14).
            2. Whipped can also mean instructed.
            3. Death for sexual immorality.
              1. This applies to the woman recently married we just talked about.
              2. This also applies to the case of adultery (Dt 22:22)
              3. And the rape of a betrothed woman (Dt 22:23-29)
          3. Divorce and remarriage (Dt 24:1-5)
          4. Levirate marriage and descendants (Dt 25:5-10)
          5. These rulings protected the Woman.

Forbidden Sexual Relations

          1. God’s people are forbidden to be prostitutes (Dt 23:17-18)
            1. Sex is sacred, but not as a way to worship. (Heb 13:4)

Crossdressing (Dt 22:5)

            1. Men should look like men and women like women, the lines are not to be blurred.

Those excluded from the covenant community (Dt 23:1-8)

            1. Males with damaged genitalia (Dt 23:1)
            2. Descendants of forbidden unions – that is, incestuous relationships, are not to be part of God’s people (Dt 23:2, Lev 18, 20)
            3. Descendants of Ammon and Moab are forbidden forever (Dt 23:3-6)
            4. Edomites and Egyptians may join God’s people in the third generation (Dt 23:7-8).

Gospel Applications

            1. God’s intent is to bless the nations of the earth through Christ (Is 19:25, Mt 15:28, Is 56:4-8)
            2. God saves sinners, even those who have sinned sexually, and he calls them to change and sin no more (Jn 8)
            3. Instruct those in broken marriages and help them find the healing the Gospel brings. (Mt 19:4-6, Eph 5:31)
            4. Remember that unrepentant sexual sin is still sin, and it will keep people from heaven. (Rev 21:8)


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