13 Dt 19-23 The 9th and 10th commandments in Deuteronomy

13 Dt 19-23 The 9th and 10th commandments in Deuteronomy

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Sermon outline


Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.

          1. Review of the 9th Commandment Dt 5:20, HC 112)
          2. Keep your vows (Dt 23:21-23)
            1. In the OT people made 2 kinds of vows
              1. Vows of abstinence (Num 6:1-21)
              2. Vows of devotion/thanks (Gen 28:20-21)
            2. Purpose
              1. Was to secure god’s aid, protection, or provision (1Sam 1:11, Jonah 1:16)
              2. These are entirely voluntary utterances. (Dt 23:22, Ex 35:29, Ps 54:6)
            3. Why? A failure to follow through on my word is sin.
            4. NT Principle: Our speech is to be truthful. Guard your tongue so that you don’t speak rashly and regret what has come from your lips. (James 5:12)
          3. Multiple witnesses needed for capital punishment (Dt 19:15-20, 13:5-6)

Do not covet (Dt 21:15-17)

          1. Notice how the hypothetical story proceeds. (Dt 21:15)
            1. A violation of the 7th commandment – adultery. (Dt 21:15a)
            2. Note the commentary on the marriages. (Dt 21:15b)
            3. The inheritance is distributed (Dt 21:15c)
            4. The covetous heart of the Father (Dt 21:16)
          2. Why would this story happen? A modern parallel.
          3. The main point is to be content. (Phil 4:11-13)

The Gospel

          1. God’s idea of righteous living is broad and expansive.
          2. I am a bigger sinner than at first reading of the commands.
          3. Who will rescue me from this body of death? (Rom 7:25-8:4)



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