15 Dt 27-28 Are you blessed or cursed?

15 Dt 27-28 Are you blessed or cursed?

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Sermon outline


Are you blessed or cursed?

What is it mean to be blessed or cursed?

        1. Bless
          1. To be blessed was the most important thing in the ancient world (Gen 17:18, 32:26, Job 42:12-13)
          2. First blessings (Gen 1:22, 28)
          3. To be blessed is to be empowered for a life that is full and under God’s smiling gaze.
        2.  Curse
          1. The first curses (Gen 3:14, 17)
          2. Balak sought Balaam to curse the people of Israel (Num 22-24)
        3. So, are you blessed or are you cursed?

The one who keeps the command of God is blessed!

        1. Keeping God’s commands (Dt. 27:1, Jam 2:10)
          1. Receive God’s promise and enter the Land (Dt 27:1-2)
          2. Erect an altar and worship
          3. Sacrifice burnt and peace offerings. (27:6-7)
          4. Rewrite the commandments of God upon the altar in plaster which presumes it is done with their own hands. (Dt 27:4,8)
          5. Then the nation shall utter the blessings and the curses
        2. The Blessings and the Curses
          1. 12 curses declared in Dt 27:14-26
          2. 24 blessings depending on how one counts (Dt 28:3-14)
          3. Longer set of curses (Dt. 28:15ff)
          4. God was trying to clearly lay out the choice –
            1. choose God and live
            2. Choose disobedience and sin and die.
          5. So are you blessed or cursed according to God’s standard in Dt?

The Gospel (Gal 3:10, 13, Jn 1:29, Mt 5:17, Rom 8:3-4, Lk 22:42, Eph 1:20-21)


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