16 Dt 29-30 Choose Life not death

16 Dt 29-30 Choose Life not death

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Sermon outline


The key verses today are found in Dt 30:15, 19

        1. The biblical view of life is binary
        2. As people, we don’t like this kind of dichotomy.
        3. To understand the options, let’s look at 2 sets of words –
          1. life, good, blessing
          2. death, evil, curse

What is Life?

          1. Life is biological life (Gen 47:8)
          2. This life is paralleled by the words good and blessing
            1. Good describes something that aligns with God’s intent and fulfills God’s designed purpose.
            2. Blessing is the declaration that God is with you and for you (Gen 27:34, 38)
          3. The way to life is defined in Dt 30:16
            1. Obedience (Dt 30:11-14, 29:16-18)
          4. And the offer of life, blessing and goodness was held out to Israel as they sat on the E. side of the Jordan, but it was also extended to all the descendants of Israel. (Dt 30:2-3, 20)

What is Death?

        1. The way of death is defined in Dt 30:17-18
        2. Death is the cessation of biological life (Gen 2:17(
        3. It is paralleled with Evil and cursed
          1. Evil opposes God’s intentions. (Gen 6:5, Num 14:27)
          2. Cursed (Dt 11:26-28)

Bringing it to the Present

          1. So what does all of this mean for us today?
          2. 3 Applications we can learn from
            1. First – Heed God’s warning to the sinner (Dt 29:19-20, Heb 10:26-28)
            2. Second – It is never to late to repent and return to God (Dt 30:2, 6, 1Jn 1:9)
            3. Third, rejoice that the covenant we are a part of is not something we need to reach for but something that God now writes upon our hearts (Jer 31:33)


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