16 Col 3:20-21 Parents and Children

16 Col 3:20-21 Parents and Children

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Sermon outline

How do we “Let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts, since as members of one body [we] were called to peace”? (Col 3:15)

        1. When we talk about peace we are describing a state “[free] from conflict and oppression that results in fruitfulness.”[1]
        2. In Paul’s day, there were 3 main areas in life which people would spend most of their waking hours:
          1. Marriage
          2. Parenting or being parented
          3. Work relationships

Parenting – The best and the worst

Instructions to Children (Col 3:20)

        1. Who are children? (Gen 27:13, Mt 3:9, 10:21, Jer 35)
        2. Children are to obey their parents (Mt 8:27, Mk 1:27, Heb 11:8, Col 3:22)
          1. This is an unpopular teaching – will we obey or seek different teachers (2Tim 4:3)
        3. Why is Paul writing this? (Exo 20:12)

Instructions to Fathers (Col 3:21)

        1. Provoke is a term that means to challenge or breed resentment.
        2. Fathers have great power according to the Biblical pattern of life, but that requires great care and skill in living and wielding it.
        3. It is one of the great struggles of life, for a Father to determine how to rule his home.

How and Why do these twin commands bring peace?

        1. These two patterns are rooted in the gospel

[1] https://www.ligonier.org/learn/devotionals/peace-in-marriage


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