17 Col 3;22-4;1 Slaves and Masters

17 Col 3;22-4;1 Slaves and Masters

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Sermon outline

Opening Illustration

Review of Previous Weeks

        1. First, we are to consider ourselves dead to sinful ways of living
        2. Second, we are to cloth ourselves with righteous ways of acting, thinking, speaking
        3. Third, we are to seek peace in our relationships
          1. Marriage relationship
          2. Parent-Child relationship
          3. Slave-Master relationship
        4. Background Information on Slavery in Roman World


        1. Obey in Everything… (Col 3:22)
          1. Obedience isn’t to be by way of eye-service
          2. Your service isn’t to be merely for people pleasing –
          3. On the contrary, you are to serve with sincerity of heart
          4. the Christian slave is committed a Reverential fear of the Lord (Col 1:15-17)
        2. Is there any limit to the extent of obedience one is to offer? (Col 3:5, 8-9)
        3. Work from your soul (Col 3:23)
        4. Slaves have an inheritance and a family in heaven (Col 3:24)
        5. Paul has one final word to the slave (Col 3:25, Rom 2:6-11)

Masters, act like God acts (Col 4:1)

Modern day applications

        1. General thoughts on applying this text.
        2. On Employment and Labor
          1. Your labor is an opportunity to Work for God
          2. Work hard and diligently
          3. Meet your deadlines and the expectations
        3. On the Exercise of Power
          1. When you have power, remember to use it like God uses it.
          2. Bless others
          3. Be fair, and impartial.
          4. Remember those under your authority are people.
          5. Use your power to meet the needs of those under you.


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