12 Col 3:1-4 Salvation’s effect

12 Col 3:1-4 Salvation’s effect

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Sermon outline


Our Thoughts matter

There are consequences to Christianity

The Condition

        1. Paul begins with a condition, that if true will have consequences (Col 3:1, 2:20)
          1. Grammar (Col 2:13, Eph 2:8-9)
          2. Looking heavenward (Col 3:1b-2, Heb 12:2, Ps 110)
          3. 2 Pitfalls we need to be aware of in this injunction (from NIVAC Commentary):
            1. We must steer clear of Gnosticism
            2. Not talking about escapism

The reason we fix our gaze on Jesus (Col 3:3-4)

        1. We died
        2. Now Hidden with Christ in God
          1. Grammar –a perfect passive indicative.
          2. Effects on you today.
            1. Safety –
            2. Christ is your source for living
            3. Judgment is coming

Past, Present, and Future aspects of salvation (Col 3:1-4)


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