Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

Can Demons read my mind? (Gen 3:1-7, et al.)

Can demons read my mind? This is a question some people wrestle with and it concerns them to know how much a demon can know about and influence their thoughts based upon what they are thinking. I hope to outline what demons are, how they work and to answer the question so that God’s people are taught by the Word and know truth from error.

The Sacrifice of the Son (Genesis 22:1-18)

  Sermon Outline Abraham’s past and future with God (Gen 12:1, 22:2) After these things…(Gen 22:1) …God tested Abraham… (Gen 22:1) The Call to Sacrifice (Gen 22:2) Fast Obedience (Gen 22:3) The Sin Problem (Gen 22:13) All of us have sin experiences like this in our life Sacrifices were instituted for sin. Abraham wasn’t perfect either. The Christ Tie  Communion…

03 God Builds a Nation (Genesis 12-25)

Sermon Outline   Upper Story God wants to relate to people so he chooses a man with whom to reestablish a unique relationship Instructs him to leave everything behind (Ge 12:1)                                               Ever considered how many elderly people God invites to radical changes of life?  Noah built an ark (Ge 7:6), Moses led a nation ( Ex. 7:7), Caleb…

02 The Story Begins (Genesis 1-12)

Sermon Outline Introduction God is the creator World is good (Heb 11:3) Man is very good (Ge 1:26-28; 1:31) Humanity is chosen to relate to God Humanity rebels First rebellion (Ge 3:16) One rebellion leads to many rebellions Cain and Cain’s line (Ge 4:2-24) Noah’s sin post-flood (Ge 6:5) God’s response Judges Curse on land, serpent, etc. (Ge 3:14-19)…