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Resources on Biblical Marriage and the LGBT Agenda

This is a great site hosted by some CRC pastors about the LGBT issues facing the contemporary church and the struggle to defend the Bible’s definition of marriage.  Yes, even the CRCNA is struggling with these issues.  I wanted to make you aware of the site for your own benefit and education. The Bibliography…

Free ebook on Worldviews

For those interested in free things.  Here is a free ebook from Summit Ministries on worldview.  Though basic, it is a good succinct read for any Christian new to the idea of worldview or to those just wanting a quick refresher. You can access it here.

A Prayer for our nation

One of the Elders at Hope in Christ, Mark Ruiter, wrote A Prayer for our nation.  I thought you might be blessed to pray along with Mark for the revival of our nation and to confess, like so many of the prophets, our failures as a people to keep God’s commands: Lord, thank you for…