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Check if your ballot was rejected

Hey church family, Voting is important.  Here is a site where you can check to see if your ballot was rejected for some discrepancy.  If it was rejected you are able to go to the county and ‘make it right’.  In this age of controversy, make sure your ballot counts…

Pastoral Reflections on the First Presidential Debate of 2020

On Tuesday Night, I sat with my family and watched the first presidential debate of the election season.  And yes, we watched the entire thing, from beginning to end.  Now, you may be thinking, “Why would you subject yourself and your family to that?”  The short answer is “Because it is a civic responsibility.”  Each of us lives in a democratic republic and that means we, the people, have been entrusted with a great responsibility to learn about the candidates,…

Dr. Scott Swain on Streaming the Lord’s Supper

Though I disagree with his short answer that the Lord’s Supper should not be streamed, I do however believe that Dr. Swain brings up a number of worthy things that we can and should consider.  My reasons for disagreeing are differences in perspective on what it means to be the gathered body.  I believe that God’s people are gathered during this Covid-19 reality even when they are not in the same physical space.  For many of our people, their health…

Abortion Laws, Funding etc by State

For those wanting to understand what abortion legislation looks like across the country, this is a great site that pictorially represents 4 areas related to Abortion: Born Alive Protections, Late tErm abortions, Fetal Dignity and Defunding Tax payer supported Abortion Providers  

Prayer and Mission reflection from today’s sermon

If you are looking for some reflection questions and prayer prompts from this week’s service, here are the questions we used in the zoom prayer meeting on 5-17. Where is the gospel going out now? Where can we step forward in our lives and proclaim Jesus now? Where are you afraid to proclaim Jesus? How can we pray for the advance of the gospel today? How can we pray for boldness? What areas do we need to be bold? Who…

Justice or Social Justice?

Answer these questions, then watch this video and reflect upon your previous answers: What is Justice? What is social justice? Which do you think we need more? Watch this video: What is the difference between justice and all other forms of justice? Why should Christians care about the distinctions this video raises? Are there any flaws in the arguments presented in the video? For further reflection, consider this study guide.

What is Holy Sexuality?

What is Holy Sexuality? | Christopher Yuan In our world and culture, there’s a lot of confusion around the topic of sex. But what is God’s design for sexuality? In this episode of Impact Answers, Dr. Christopher Yuan defines “holy sexuality”, a term that he coined to help people understand sexuality in light of the gospel, and how God’s design is good news for everyone. © 2018 Impact 360 Institute